Pure Derm Damage Repair


A healthy scalp requires essential nutrients & hydration, but harsh chemicals may can easily strip this away, damaging hair and causing dandruff. Don’t let this stand in the way of you owning the room! Now, you can bid a definite farewell to your dandruff with regular use of New Pure Derm Anti Dandruff Shampoo - the Dermats# recommended solution for recurring dandruff*! Infused with the goodness of Rosemary and Tea Tree extracts, along with Oxy-fused Micro Bubble Technology, Pure Derm Anti-Hairfall Shampoo removes upto 100% dandruff and prevents it from coming back*.

*Purification from dirt, grease and dandruff, action at epidermal level, effectiveness of dandruff removal depends on dandruff level, no visible flakes with 4 weeks of daily product use. #Anti dandruff shampoo recommendation study conducted by an independent agency in December 2017

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